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Electrocardiograph EK3TC-3/6-04 Axion

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Built-in software is an integral part of the electrocardiograph, it is installed only in the factory during the manufacture of the device and is not supplied separately to the consumer.

Interaction interface between the software and the operator is only an electrocardiograph control buttons, as well as display and light indicators on the front panel of the device. Their operation is described in detail in the ECG operating manual, so the manual is not supplied separately.

Accessories are available on request.

The embedded software provides the following main functions of the electrocardiograph:
Automatic creation of a syndromic report (Optional)
Transmission of ECG via GSM-channel (Option)
Pacemaker detection
Automatic measurement of amplitude-time ECG parameters
Generation of typical heart rhythms
ECG transmission to PC (USB)
Automatic device shutdown
Entry of patient and LPU information
Automatic registration upon arrhythmia detection
Generation of rhythmogram, histogram, scattergram during heart rhythm monitoring
Protection from defibrillation
Audio indication of heart rhythm
Adjusting the audio signal level
Light indication of AC line power, battery charge, filter condition, electrode contact failure, lack of thermal paper
Simultaneous registration in automatic mode
Automatic and manual mode
ECG signal filters: line noise, antitremor, drift
Print coordinate grid
Connection for external AT-keyboard and laser printer
Protection against electric shock – class I, type GF
Patient cable
power cord
set of reusable electrodes
carrying case
operating manual
2 rolls of thermal paper


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