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Tacta®: Multi-channel and single-channel mechanical pipettes

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Tacta® from Sartorius makes pipetting simple and safe while producing precise and trustworthy results time after time. It is developed to feel great in the users’ hands, and it is easy and user-friendly. All materials utilized for Tacta® have been chosen carefully, and each component has been developed to address the greatest standards.

Single-channel pipettes cover a volume range of 0.1 µL–10,000 µL, and multichannel pipettes come with a volume of 0.5 µL up to 300 µL.

Pipette quick ship program

This comes with electronic pipettes, mechanical pipettes and Flexibulk products for Quick Shipment in the United States and Canada.

Pipette trade-in program

Users can trade in their old pipettes for the majority of the ergonomic mechanical or electronic pipettes available – all while achieving up to 40% off.

Tacta® features

Enjoy pipetting

Tacta® rests lightly in the users’ hands as a result of its ergonomically developed handle and finger hook. It is easy to use and super-comfortable to hold. Tacta® eases users’ workload and saves users’ from strain, even when they require pipetting for hours. The pipette will find its position in the users’ hands, barely requiring handle gripping.


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