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Electrocardiograph EC1T-1/3-07 Axion

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The EK1T-1/3-07 “Axion” electrocardiograph is successfully used both in specialized and non-specialized departments of hospitals (it is especially ergonomic when making ward rounds), in polyclinics, general practitioners’ offices, ambulance service, FAP.
Compact, intuitive operation, clear ECG image on the screen.
Provides recording of ECG with simultaneous registration of 1/3/6/12 conventional leads and 3 Neb leads with the ability to print 1/3 leads on the built-in printer and 1/3/6/12 leads to an external printer.
Built-in software is an integral part of electrocardiograph, it is installed only in factory conditions during device manufacturing and is not supplied to the consumer separately.

Interaction interface between the software and the operator is only an electrocardiograph control buttons, as well as display and LEDs on the front panel of the device. Their operation is described in detail in the ECG operating manual, so the manual is not supplied separately.

Accessories on request.


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