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Mindray BeneHeart C1A defibrillator (semi-automatic, external)

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The Mindray BeneHeart C1A defibrillator is an automatic external defibrillator with push-button discharge confirmation designed to provide emergency patient care for heart rhythm disturbances and defibrillation in sudden cardiac arrest in adults and children. The equipment can be used in public places, dental clinics, gyms, educational institutions. It does not require higher medical education, special training of personnel is enough. The sequence of actions is shown in the form of icons and accompanied by voice prompts in Russian.

The defibrillator is equipped with the algorithm of shock rhythm analysis and allows receiving and analyzing patient’s ECG signals to determine the need for defibrillation discharge. If shock is detected, the device asks for confirmation of the discharge and delivers the discharge; if non-shock rhythm is detected, defibrillator switches to cardiopulmonary resuscitation mode.

Defibrillation curve: biphasic truncated exponential curve with automatic compensation based on patient impedance;
Discharge energy range from 10 to 360 J. The energy is automatically set depending on the type of patient and his impedance (resistance);
Can be used for both adults and children. Children’s mode is selected by moving the switch to the appropriate position (does not require a key);
Voice prompts for resuscitation actions in Russian;
Function of self-testing and indication of defibrillator status;
Built-in memory with the ability to save basic patient data and defibrillator parameters;
Automatic volume adjustment according to ambient noise level;
Non-rechargeable battery provides up to 200 discharges with a maximum energy of 360 J or up to 300 discharges with an energy of 200 J;
Battery life in standby mode up to 5 years;
Automatic discharge cancellation at patient impedance less than 25 ohms and at impedance greater than 300 ohms.
Electrode life is 3 years.
IP55 degree of protection against dust and moisture;
Full accompaniment of resuscitation activities.
Defibrillator is equipped with algorithm of shock rhythm analysis.
The device allows you to receive and analyze the ECG signals of the patient to determine the need for defibrillation discharge.
Does not require higher medical education, special training of personnel is enough.


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