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Muffle electric furnace EKPS-50 SNOL type up to 1100°C code 5101

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Application: in orthopedic dentistry, at enterprises of food, light and heavy, chemical industry, in the production of jewelry, ceramics, at enterprises engaged in metal processing, brick and ceramic factories, ore-dressing plants, etc.

Muffle electric furnaces provide:

programming of operating modes;
digital indication of program parameters;
preservation of program parameters in case of power supply failure;
Automatic start of working program at preset time;
uniform temperature distribution in the working chamber;
fast heating up to the set temperature.
Muffle electric furnaces have:

minimum time to reach operating mode;
programming of heating rates;
low power consumption;
optimum weight characteristics;
audible alarm of excess temperature;
simplicity in operation;
high reliability in operation.
The control system:

with single-stage microprocessor thermostat – maintenance of the set temperature for the whole period of heating;
With multi-stage microprocessor thermo regulator – holding the set temperature at 9 time ranges:
1 time range – two-stage – heating, temperature stabilization;
2-9 time ranges – three-stage – heating, stabilization, cooling.
Discreteness of parameters:

temperature – 1 °С;
Dispersion of the parameters: temperature – 1 °С; time – 1 min;
Setting of time range intervals from 1 to 9999 min.


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