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Medical freezer Biryusa 215K-B (pharmaceutical)

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The “Biryusa 215” medical freezer is designed for long-term storage of vaccines, blood components, enzymes and biological samples at the temperature of -40°Ñ to -18°Ñ. Reliable operation of the freezer compartment is ensured by the improved thermal insulation, double sealing of the lid, high-performance refrigerating unit, electronic control system with ultrasensitive sensors. The control unit located on the front of the cabinet warns about deviations in the operation by means of light and sound signals. A mechanical lock will prevent unauthorized access to the preparations. A handle on the front of the cover and two side handles on the ends allow you to open the chamber from either side of it. Castors are provided to move the chamber indoors. The freezer “Biryusa 215″ can be used in scientific-research institutes, laboratories, blood-transfusion stations, hospitals, sanitary-epidemiological services and veterinary. Biryusa” company provides a full 2 years warranty on all kinds of medical refrigeration and freezing equipment.


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