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Taq HS DNA Polymerase for Hot-Start PCR and qPCR (p132)

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Taq HS DNA polymerase, a hot-start Taq polymerase, is obtained by mixing Taq DNA polymerase and Champagne Taq antibody in an optimal ratio. Owing to the unique thermo-stability of Champagne Taq antibody, the activity of Taq HS DNA polymerase is blocked at temperatures of up to 55 ℃, thus reducing non-specific amplification during the mixing and system heating.

When the reaction is maintained at 95 ℃ for over 30 seconds, Champagne Taq antibody becomes fully inactivated. Taq enzyme activity is fully released, thus ensuring that the PCR system possesses very high amplification sensitivity and specificity. The activation of Taq HS DNA polymerase is unaffected by ionic strength, pH, etc.

Taq HS DNA polymerase can be used for various hot-start PCR and qPCR based on Taq DNA polymerase. It can also be used to amplify genes with low copy numbers from complex templates (genome and cDNA). It is the preferred hot-start Taq enzyme for PCR/qPCR molecular diagnostic reagents. Taq HS DNA polymerase has higher detection rate and stability.

Product advantages

  • Better amplification sensitivity
  • Better linear amplification
  • Higher detection rate and stability
  • Enhanced stability of premix pressure platform


Taq HS DNA polymerase can be used for the amplification of plant DNA, animal DNA, microbial DNA, etc.


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