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Fume cupboard with drying chamber SHV

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Exhaust cabinet with drying chamber SHV is designed for working with chemical and harmful substances in sanitary-epidemiological, physico-chemical, ecological laboratories, physiotherapy rooms of medical institutions, etc.

SHV-11 cabinet is a painted enamel metal construction, consisting of three main parts: working chambers: drying, suction and drawer. The working chamber has a 600 mm travel and is equipped with an extractor fan, lighting, gas and water supply, and a drainage basin.

Worktop can be tiled or made of stainless steel. There is a control panel in the upper part of the cabinet, drawers and a chemical cabinet below. To provide the possibility of gas exhaustion from the cabinet, two tubes (with plugs), connected with the cabinet, are installed on the bottom of the cabinet.

Main technical characteristics
Parameter name Parameter value
Power of air suction from the working chamber, m³/hour 280
Air speed in the working chamber, m/s 1
Air change rate, m³/hour over 200
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Water and gas hose diameter 1/2 inch
Diameter of drain hose, inch 1
Mass, kg 200
Volume of the working chamber, m³ 0,5
Volume of drying chamber, m³ 0.5
Temperature of drying chamber, °C +60 ÷ 70
Overall dimensions, mm 1200×720×2400


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